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Saddle Creek Master Association

Notice of Meetings

Saddle Creek Master Association quarterly meeting date(s) held on Fridays at 3:00 pm in the Grand View Room. FOR THIS MEETING ONLY IT WILL BE HELD AT THE SPORTS CLUB

2017 Board Meetings:       
                                       Apr 28th - 3 PM - Lakeview Room  
                                       July 28th - 3PM - Lakeview Room
                                       Nov 3rd - 3 PM - Lake View room

Saddle Creek II Maintenance Association (Copper Glen) quarterly meetings date(s) held Fridays at
3:30 pm in the Associa Conference Room located in the Copperopolis Town Square.

2017 Board Meetings:      
                                      April 21st  -   3:30 PM - Associa Board Room 
                                      July 21st   -  3:30 PM - Associa Board Room 
                                      Oct 2oth - 3:30 PM - Associa Board Room                    

Lodge Bungalow Meetings - Location to be determined
2017 Board Meetings:          
                                                May 6th 10 AM - Sports Club / Annual
                                                Aug 5th 10 AM - Sports Club
                                                Oct 21st 10AM - Sports Club


       *Please note that all meeting dates and times are subject to change per the Board of Directors.              

 **Meeting agendas are posted on the website and email blasted to the membership four (4) days in advance of the regular meeting per civil code §4920.  Please confirm your correct email address with the management office.

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